jueves, 16 de julio de 2015


Foto de Sourabh Kumar.

15th July 1997 When a Peoples poet, singer, activist committed suicide as a mark of protest against the Ramabai Nagar killings of Dalit protesters by our Demoncracy. Few lines for you comrade...


Your death was not as loud
as were your songs and poetry.
Your songs is our dream
Your poetry is our weapon
We the have-nots live a collective life
We live for the collective
We die for the collective
We are responsible for each others happiness and sadness
Your suicide note on the wall
still guides us to build a stronger collective.
You lived your life to annihilate caste and all forms of oppression through a unified collective.
But there were people amongst us who
thought only of themselves and jeopardized
the collective for their own benefits.
Your suicide was a protest not only against the
But against
Traitors too.
I remember your sacrifice to build
a strong collective
I chant your songs to build
a strong revolution...
Jai Bhim Lal Salaam comrade

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