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INDIA: 45th VIRASAM Formation Day Meeting / Mitin do 45º Aniversario da fundación da Asociación de Escritores Revolucionarios.

Dear Friends and Comrades !
We cordially invite you to the 45th VIRASAM Formation Day Meeting
Writers, whose side are you on?
The question comes back after 45 years

Let us organize the 45th Foundation Day of Virasam with the spirit of Com. Vivek
Let us reflect Class Struggle in literary and cultural fields

Sunday, July 12, 2015. From 9.30 am to 5.30 pm,
Sundarayya Vignana Kendram, Hyderabad.

There was an ‘encounter’ on June 12 on the Warangal-Chhattisgarh border. Two young adivasi women – Com. Madakam Jogi, Com. Madakam Deve and Comrade Vivek, who’s pursuing his Law Degree in Hyderabad, were killed in that encounter. Vivek, who actively participated in the Telangana movement with revolutionary spirit, joined the Revolutionary movement later. The 19-year-old Vivek knew well that the reconstruction of Telangana is not possible without transformation it into a Guerilla Zone and a liberated area.
Inspired by the historic Srikakulam movement, students of Visakhapatnam had posed the question – Writers, whose side you are on? They challenged the writers in 1970 to decide which side they wanted to be – with the oppressed and exploited or with the oppressor? Their question had forced the indifferent and the sick Telugu literary field to wake up from the deep slumber and ponder seriously. This had led to the formation of Revolutionary Writers’ Association (RWA) in 1970.
After 45 years, the question once raised by the students of Visakhapatnam has come back – Writers, whose side are you on? The Telugu literary world, particularly the cultural and intellectual elements in Telangana, is chasing mirages in the last few months. With his martyrdom, Com. Vivek had revived the question that students of Visakhapatnam posed four decades ago.
This year marks the end of the original fascism 70 years ago. Now, India is ruled by the successors of Hitler’s ideology. Inspired by the tyrannical Nizam and the warlord Venkadri Naidu, Telugu chief Ministers were resorting to blood bath and unprecedented repression in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The two Governments have been keeping the people in a constant state of insecurity to continue their exploitative rule. The Chandrababu Government, which is mired neck-deep in corruption, is trying to divert the attention by politicking around the issue of the Capital.
The one year rule of K Chandrasekhara Rao proved that ultimately the interests of the capitalists would be protected at any cost. He even tried to usurp the lands of Osmania University. He faced widespread opposition to this move. Both the Chief Ministers would resort to raise the passions of the people on either side and pit one against another.
Leaders of Andhra Pradesh, who ‘fought’ for the rights of Telugus a couple of years ago, are now playing to the tunes of Delhi rulers. The bourgeoisie leadership in Telangana, who waged a battle to achieve self rule with the help of people’s movements, is now quite excited to become a stooge in the hands of Delhi. KCR is emulating the ‘Gujarat Model’ developed by the brutal Modi. Chandrababu Naidu is devouring lands in the name of land pooling and implementing destructive ‘development’ model hand in glove with Modi government. Both the Chief Ministers are vying with each other to promote the Saffron policies.
Intellectuals in both the States are enamoured by the hollow slogans of ‘Golden Telangana’ and ‘Navya Andhra’. They have gone to the extent of asking for some time for them to realize those ‘dreams’. In fact, there is nothing new in the policies being announced by the governments. They are just following the policies the erstwhile regimes started as part of the imperialist globalization. Both are following the same strategy in indiscriminate killing of Muslim youth, sandalwood labour and revolutionary activists.
Both the States are witnessing unprecedented oppression. The poor, landless and small and marginal farmers are bearing the brunt. Land is being forcibly acquired from the people to liberally dole out to the industry as part of the Make in India campaign. Crores of rupees are being spent on horse-trading of legislators.
Though the time is opportune to raise their voice against the repression, the poets, writers and intellectuals are keeping mum. Instead of speaking and writing for the people, they are desperately trying to attract the attention of the government. Longing for this or that award, monetary benefits and government ‘recognition’, they are swallowing all the insults and humiliation. Once identified themselves with democratic and secular causes , they don’t mind aligning with the official agenda.
In this backdrop, the four-decade-old question, posed by the Naxalbari-inspired generation, comes back – Writers, whose side are you on? Are you with the oppressed? Or, are you with the oppressor?
If Naxalbari was the alternative then, we have got an advanced alternative in the form of Janatana Sarkar in Dandakaranya. Let us pose this powerful question again with the revolutionary spirit passed on to us by martyrs Com. Vivek, Com. Madakam Jogi and Com. Madakam Devela.

Revolutionary Writers’ Association

Unfurling of the flag: 9.30 a.m.

First Session:
Rivera to Chair
1) Pani to speak on ‘Make in India – Saffronisation – Janatana Sarkar as an alternative
2) Ravikumar (Advocate) to speak on Anti-people Land Acquisition Act
1.30 p.m. to 2.30 p.m. Lunch break

Second session
3) Ramki to Chair
Kasim to speak on The Agenda of Rulers in Telangana – and People’s Agenda
4) Varalakshmi to speak on The Agenda of Rulers of AP – and People’s Agenda
5) Varavara Rao to speak on: Writers, whose side are you on?
(The programme would also see release of 12 books)

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