viernes, 1 de diciembre de 2017

India: Cartazes da policía contra o Chalo Amalapuram na defensa do prof. Saibaba..

Amalapuram the home town of Prof.G.N.Saibaba woke up to such posters and banners all across the city on 27th of November.The posters were pasted in response to the 'Chalo Amalapuram' call given by the Committee for the release of G.N.Saibaba. Though the police deny that they have anything to do with these, a new recruit in the Amalapuram Police Station mentioned that it was they who pasted them across the town the previous evening. Such posters and banners without any contact details have now become a common sight for the people of Andhra Pradesh.
The government and police department are in no position to tolerate any protest/campaign by Maoist front/sympathetic groups. Activists of Chaitanya Mahila Sangham are now constantly harassed. Posters are pasted across places exhorting parents to be careful to not let their children fall in the trap of these Maoists who are working under the name of Chaitanya Mahila Sangham.
It is not that the police department should not propagate against Maoists. They, anyhow, do it regularly in the adivasi areas, with more intensely during the Police Martyrs Week. However, here it is different. Such nameless 'campaign' is being shown as the dissatisfaction of people with the violence of Maoists. Not that there is no dissatisfaction, but the distortion of such dissatisfaction by the police department is the issue here.
Whether one supports or sympathizes with Maoists is not a matter here. The basic democratic right to propagate is now being rendered useless.

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