viernes, 10 de marzo de 2017

INDIA: Nota de imprenta da camarada Vasanta Kumari, esposa do Dr. Saibaba.

 PRESS STATEMENT issued by VASANTA in Delhi:.... (via facebook)

Our advocates will move high Court soon. This judgement is shocking. In the history of Maharashtra this is the first case in which all the person's charge sheeted were are convicted in all the sections with life imprisonment. Saibaba brother attend most of the arguments of our advocates before the hon. Judge and found that the judgement seems has not taken those into consideration. No evidence has been proved by the prosecution, electronic evidence not sealed. It seems the state and Central governments have put a lot of pressure on the judiciary to implement anti people and undemocratic policies at the behest of corporates and MNCs. The governments have selectively to suppress the voice of people to plunder the resources of this country. The BJP govt. Wants to push nakedly the agenda of RSS by through such people like saibaba behind the bars.
The government has chosen this case through courts to silence the voice of Dr. Saibaba. By honoring the , Court saibaba has been attending the Court all these years and today also despite his deteriorated health. As a wife I will fight in the higher courts to seek justice. The government has been putting relentless pressure ony family for the last four years by raiding my house in Delhi. I appeal to Democrats, peoples organizations, intellectuals, students to condemn such undemocratic character of the government. After the pronouncement, judge has rejected to issue any order on the appeal of our advocate. Advocates asked to issue an order to direct the Jail authorities to give required medicines, help of assistants for saibaba movement, operation to perform for gall bladder etc. The minimum requirements previous the Court has given when saibaba was in jail as under trailed are also not given

- Vasanta

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