martes, 15 de septiembre de 2015

INDIA: Telangana Government Killing Its Own People!!! (Lal Salam)

Foto de Lal salam.

Telangana Government Killing Its Own People!!!

Shruthi Thangella Killed After Vivek Kodamangundla by the Telangana Police.
Another Bright Student Thangella Shruthi (M.Tech) and Vidyasagar (Graduate) both from Warangal district were martyred this morning in an alleged encounter with police in Eturunagarm forests.
Both of them struggled for the cause of separate telangana state and were killed by the same telangana state police!!! Shruthi was recruited into CPI (Maoist)party in late 2014 & Sagar very recently.
Shruthi is the daughter of Thangella Sudarshan, a teacher, Telangana poet and a serious activist of Telangana movement from the times of 1990. The whereabouts of Sagar are yet to know.
Vivek Kodamagundla (19 Years Old) an other serious fighter of telangana state was recently killed by the same telangana police in Telangana-Chattisgarh border!
Shame on you KCR, Shame on you bloody TRS.
You are killing our own Telanganites who fought more seriously than you for Telangana cause....
Long Live Thangella Shruthi & Vidya Sagar.
Long Live CPI Maoist Party. Long Live Revolution.

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