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A policia secuestra ao profesor G.N. Saibaba. Urxente solidariedade internacional !

Dr. GN Saibaba clandestinely abducted by Maharashtra Police. Urgent International Solidarity!


Statement from Revolutionary Democratic Front – May 9, 2014

Today, the 9 of May, plain-clothed personnel of the Maharashtra Police abducted Dr. GN Saibaba while he was returning home from Daulat Ram College in Delhi University after examination duty. Dr. Saibaba, who suffers from 90% disability and is on a wheelchair, was blindfolded and pushed into a vehicle. After this secretive arrest of Dr Saibaba from within the university premises, it is believed he is being taken to Gadchiroli in Maharashtra by flight. None of his family members were informed and after repeated efforts to contact him, the driver of his vehicle informed the family of his abduction. This stealthy and dastardly abduction of a university professor smacks of the desperation of the Maharashtra police and violates the basic human right of an upstanding, democratic voice in this country. This abduction, it is believed, to be with regards to a fabricated case filed by the Maharashtra police that subsequently conducted a raid and an interrogation at Dr. Saibaba’s residence on the 12th of September and 7th of January respectively. During both the raid and the interrogation, Dr. Saibaba and his family extended their full cooperation with the police and intelligence forces. This abduction by Maharashtra Police reflects the extent to which the police can stoop to rake up false charges in fabricated cases and implicate voices that speak up for the democratic rights of people.
President of RDF in Uttarakhand, Jeevan Chandra, was similarly picked up on 5th of May in Uttarakhand. The charges against him were that of having connections with the Maoists and calling for the boycott of the elections. RDF strongly condemns the abduction of Dr. Saibaba and the abduction and arrest of Jeevan Chandra by the police force.
RDF calls for a protest demonstration at Maharashtra Sadan

against clandestine abduction of Dr. GN Saibaba by Maharashtra Police
Maharashtra Sadan
Kasturba Gandhi Marg
10th May (SATURDAY) at 11 am.

Press Release by Delhi University Teachers
Against the arbitrary arrest of Prof. G N Saibaba
Dr. G N Saibaba, Assistant Professor at Ramlal Anand College, Delhi University, was abducted by the Maharashtra police today, 9th May around 1.00 PM. He was in the Daulat Ram College for examination duty. The incident came to light when Vasantha, Prof. Saibaba’s wife, got a mysterious call around 3 p.m., informing her that her husband is being taken to Gadhchiroli by the Maharashtra police. There is otherwise no official intimation from the police about his arrest or charges against him so far. His driver and the car also were missing for several hours after that.
Vasantha, accompanied by Delhi University teachers, lodged a missing person complaint at the Maurice Nagar police station an hour later. Maurice Nagar police has now confirmed that Maharashtra Police came with a non-bailable warrant against Dr. Saibaba. Later, Dr. Saibaba managed to get hold of a cell-phone from someone at the airport and speak briefly to his daughter, before the phone was snatched away from him. He confirmed that he was inside the Delhi airport and being taken to Nagpur by the Gadchiroli police.
Dr. Saibaba has been facing harassment and intimidation since the last one year. His house was raided and his personal belongings taken away in the name of investigation. Clearly there is an attempt to frame him up. The Delhi University Teachers Association have earlier denounced these attempts by the police. Now the police have acted without any prior information and abducted Dr. Saibaba.
Prof. Saibaba suffers from 90 per cent disabilities and is strapped onto a wheelchair. To harass and intimidate him like this is a gross violation of his basic human rights.
We strongly condemn this arbitrary and illegal action by the police in connivance with the University authorities. This is an attempt to stifle voices of dissent and suppress those who have been vocal against injustice and oppression.
earlier message received from activists in Delhi
Prof. G.N. Saibaba, faculty at DU and Joint Secy of Revolutionary Democratic Front was abducted today by the Maharashtra police when he was returning from his college. Without even informing anyone, the police has already taken him to the airport to fly him to Maharashtra. There is a press conference at his residence (Gwyer Hall Hostel warden flat) today at 5.30 pm condemning this police abduction. Please join the press conference. For the last one year the police has been trying to implicate him in absolutely absurd and false charges. To prepare grounds for this, there was first the most vicious media trial against him, followed by a police raid at his residence last year and then police landing him to interrogate him early this year. Now he has been abducted in this surreptitious manner. Condemn and protest against this dastardly police act

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