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Declaration english PCm Italy -We are on the side of Indian Maoists

Declaration english PCm Italy -
We are on the side of Indian Maoists

We are on the side of Indian Maoists
PCm-Italy supports the ideology, the politics and the line of the
CPI(Maoist) and the people's war led by that Party and reiterates that the
ongoing people's war in India is not terrorism.
PCm-Italy calls the proletarians, the communist end revolutionary
organizations, the anti-imperialist forces in our country to stand in
solidarity with the masses uprising in India and the Party leading them.
The actions of this party and the people's war aim to fight the actions of
the Indian government, that launched a war on the people in India, including
the state of Orissa, where two Italian tourists are held.
The communiqué of the CPI(Maoist) we already published on this blog explains
the true reasons of that action, the objectives and demands, which we
support and share.
The action of the Indian Government consists of massacres, detentions,
tortures, rapes, deportations of entire populations, against the people of
the countryside and forests, against the People's Liberation Army led by the
Maoists, against the comrades of the CPI (Maoist), with targeted murders of
its leaders, as the recent murders of two beloved comrades, AZAD and KISHENJI.
Despite this, the people's war has never stopped, has withstood and has
expanded into other states, it is intertwined with mass demonstrations
against high prices, corruption, repression, with large strikes of the
workers and employees, such as the last one, adhered by 100 million workers
and workers, with a particularly strength in the states where the people's war develops.
The Indian government use a certain type of tourism to hit and criminalize
the people's war. First it has turned whole states like Orissa into war
zone, then it allows tourists to go there. So it is the government that puts
in dangers the foreign tourists.
PCm-Italy not only takes stand in solidarity with the masses of India and
their Party, but demands that the Italian government makes its best so that
requests of the Maoists are met, because they are right and respectful of
human and people's rights.
PCm-Italy launch a month of national campaign of information and
counter-information on India - for which a special newspaper is being
prepared - and calls to join and support the International Committee of
Support of People's War in India, that is preparing an international
conference of support on the PCm italy
March 25 2012

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