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INDIA: Protest Indian Prime Minister's Programmes at Portugal to Sell the Indian resources to EU and Make Agreements in Military Front (30 April)

O 30 de abril o PCI (maoista) publicou un comunicado chamando a mobilización contra da visita de Modi a Portugal, respaldando así a campaña prolongada iniciada polo noso Comité o 5 de abril.


Protest Indian Prime Minister's Programmes at Portugal to Sell the Indian resources to EU and Make Agreements in Military Front

Dear Comrades and friends of Indian Revolution at abroad particularly EU and Britain, Red Salutes

On behalf of Central Committee I appeal all of you and to the oppressed people, proletariat of EU especially Portugal to protest and resist Brahmanical Hindutva Fascist Indian Prime Minister Modi's visit to Porto of Portugal to participate in a meeting between EU and India on 8th of May which is aimed to make commercial and military agreements to serve the Imperialist interests which are in essence will only pave the way for the loot and plunder of Indian people and against the interests of the working class people of Portugal and EU.

Now my country is facing very severely the 2ndwave of Corona pandemic crisis. Yesterday it has broken all time record with more than 3 lakh infected cases within 24 hours. The people are under severe panic. But country's Prime Minister did not bother about it and he is too busy in his routine election business and his Make in India flagship programme. The above said meeting is also part of it. In India the central and all States governments are limited to the only propaganda against pandemic. Newly invented Corona vaccine has been made a competitive commodity in the market. Our Party is seriously condemns the government attitude towards the people of the country.ndian peasants are on strike since last 26th November (Indian Constitution Day) against central government's farm laws which are passed in benefit of big corporate houses. So many small and middle class businessmen were lost their businesses due to Modi's demagogic and genocidal economic policies like demonetisation and GST. These people's businesses were very badly affected due to lockdown in 2020. Now they are against to lock down and decided to go on protest against it particularly in Maharashtra. Students and progressive intellectuals all over the country are bitterly opposing the new national education policy which is upholding the Hindutva, privatisation-corporatisation and extreme centralisation thought. proletarian of the Country is opposing the government’s LPG policies, pro capitalist changes in Labour laws. Democratic, secular, progressive sections are strongly opposing the CAA and other such acts which are against the spirit of the pro people aspects of the Indian constitution and completely based on so-called hindu majoritarian religion.The Indian indigenous people are demanding to implement the government laws like PESA and New Forest Act-2006 to get their rights on Jal (water), Jungle (Forest), Jameen (Land). But all the governments are implicating them under draconian laws and punishing them. Our Party-CPI (Maoist) strongly condemns all the anti-people policies of the Central and State governments. In Modi Raj number of democrats and secularists, pro people historians, intellectuals, writers, artists, rationalists, advocates and journalists were arrested and their voices were suppressed. Some pro people intellectuals were assassinated like Gouri Lankesh, Govind Pansare, Kalburgi and Narendr Dabholkar. Mob lynching cases are growing year by year. In Indian caste society the dalit and the muslm community people are becoming victims to it. Our Revolutionary Mass Organisations are building the mass movements with genuine demands of the people along with democrats and pro people elements. This has become unbearable to the exploiting ruling classes particularly reactionary Hindutva forces which are in power at Centre and States. They are branding them as Urban Maoists and suppressing their voices and haunting them. Now dozens of Mass Organisation’s leaders are behind the bars. As you know our Party is building the revolutionary movement in India since last five decades. Peoples Liberation Guerrilla Army is leading the Armed Struggle under the leadership of our party. But the Indian ruling classes those are collaborated with their imperialist masters particularly US imperialists are trying to root out our party and the revolutionary movement. They deployed more than 6 lakhs police and para - military forces which are well trained in counter insurgency guerrilla warfare. Since 2017 their country wide Counter Guerrilla Operation SAMADHAN is going on with five years target of moping of the movement. Especially since last one year the cover of operation Prahaar they are raising war against us and people. Our PLGA dedicatedly and determinedly resisting it along with revolutionary masses. Recently it ambushed the notorious DRG (District Reserve Group) and other state and central para military forces at Kadenaar (Narayanpur District, Chattisgarh), Jeeraguda (Bijapur, Chattisgarh) and West Singhbhum (Jharkhand) to protect the people's power i.e. Revolutionary Peoples Committees and revolutionary movement. We lost more than 1,000 lives of our cadres including Party leaders, PLGA fighters and revolutionary masses in fascist Modi Raj since 2014. The Indian Home Minister hypocrite Amit Sha and the Chattisgarh State's Chief Minister Bhupesh Bhagel have jointly decided to send more police forces to take revenge on revolutionary people. They are very eager to start even air strikes. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddav Thakre has already said that Maoists are more dangerous than Covid-19 and provoked the C-60 Commandos to continue their combing operations in Gadchiroli Jungles. Since more than last two decades the strategic areas of our revolutionary movement have become as an undeclared war zones. Massacres and Khaki gang rapes are going on and countless police atrocities are being committed on people. They are intensifying all these anti people activities to suppress the revolutionary movement. So, at last I appeal all the comrades and friends of Indian Revolution at abroad, the proletarian masses of EU especially of Portugal to protest and resist the fascist Indian Prime Minister's Portugal visit which is aimed to loot India more and more by EU.

With Revolutionary Greetings, Abhay, Spokes Person, Central Committee CPI (Maoist)

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